.NET Core Data Access – a handy list from Microsoft

Yesterday, Microsoft published a blog listing a slew of data access libraries for .NET Core.
This impressive list with examples in some cases, includes

  • ORM
    • Entity Framework Core: the ubiquitous data access ORM for .NET,
    • Dapper: a light-weight and performant micro-ORM built and maintained by StackExchange,
  • Relational Databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server: this includes of course Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL RDBMS using a unified API from the System.Data.SqlClient package,
    • PostgreSQL: an open source RDBMS,
    • MySQL: another open source RDBMS with ORM support through EF Core and directly through a MySQL connector,
    • SQLite: an embedded RDBMS released on the public domain with a footprint of less than 1 MB. It is cross platform and can be used both with the EF Core ORM and directly using the Microsoft.Data.Sqlite library,
  • NoSQL data stores:
    • Azure DocumentDB: A NoSQL database that can help your modern apps scale easily. Now you can use existing code written against MongoDB to target DocumentDB with very minimal changes. Note: this version does not yet support .NET Core native access,
    • MongoDB: Yay! an official .NET driver with full .NET Core support for this very popular NoSQL document database,
    • RavenDB: a document database that is built with and works with .NET Core!
    • Redis: a Redis client from StackExchange for access to fast, avialable data,
    • Cassandra: a .NET Core compatible driver (DataStax) that lets you access Apache’s popular NoSQL database,
    • CouchBase: an open source document database, officially compatible with .NET Core,
    • CouchDB: simple, lightweight document database with simple access using a REST API,
    • Neo4j: a .NET Core compatible client for this powerful graph database,
    • RethinkDB: provides a .NET Core driver for this real-time streaming document database,
    • YesSql: a transactional document database,
    • Lucene.NET: fulfill your search needs from a .NET Core compatible package

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